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Post Office For Sale

Posted in Uncategorized by Jim Brown on September 20, 2007

Type “Email Marketing” into your favorite search engine and tell me what comes up. Chances are [okay fine, I’ve already done this and know for a fact] you will be bombarded with a million Email Service Providers (ESPs). Constant Contact spends a ton in online advertising so I’m pretty sure they came up number one for you. Who else did you see? Jango Mail, MyEmma, SilverPop, ExactTarget, CampaignerPro, Vertical Response… shall I continue?

Are these really “Email Marketing” companies? The answer is – No. When is the last time you bought a post office? Jim, that is a ridiculous question? Is it? Think about it for a second. Let’s say you are going to deploy a direct mail campaign. What are your steps? You have to define your audience, write your copy, design your piece, stuff it in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail. Did I mention buying a post office? Of course not. The post office can help you by providing the stamps and envelopes, but the rest is up to you.

To me, ESPs are nothing more than post offices. They provide stamps (costs of each email sent) and envelopes (delivery mechanism for your message). You still have to… define your audience, write your copy, and design your piece. Don’t be fooled by their templates, because like most things that are free – they stink. Why does this matter? For the most part all of the ESPs are the same. Some have more bells and whistles than the others, but none are responsible for your success.

Spend your money where it can have he most impact – in the strategy and creative development. It’s not the envelope that sells, it’s what is IN that envelope and the REASON for why you sent it. Once you completely grasp that concept you will truly be doing “Email Marketing.”

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