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Who Killed the Internet?

Posted in Uncategorized by Jim Brown on August 26, 2007

“It has stopped evolving. Your Internet experience today is not much different than it was 5 years ago,” said Billionaire Mark Cuban, author of BlogMaverick.

Stopped Evolving???

Mark, four years ago when I started reading your blog, I had to check your website once a week to see if you had updated it. Today, I open up my RSS reader, and all the information I choose to receive is sitting there waiting for me. That alone is a pretty big change in my Internet experience. For a guy who made his money selling to Yahoo – I’d have thought you’d put a little more brain power into your blogging.

The Internet is not dead, and by no means is it boring. The Internet as a platform is replacing the need for traditional mediums such as TV, Radio, Newspapers, and even Billboards. For a platform that has only been commercially available for 13 years, I’d say that is an astounding accomplishment. The Internet allows for the constant evolution of engagement and interactivity.

When is the last time you actually engaged with your TV? Research companies would love for you to believe that the average American spends roughly 26 hours per week in front of the tube. Get real! The TV is a passive medium. Like the radio of old, it is more than less background noise while you eat dinner, talk on the phone, play with your kids, etc.

The internet is changing the way we live. Artificial intelligence, in the realm of personal preferences allows us to see what we want, when we want it, and most importantly – HOW we want it. The Internet is beginning to understand and remember what we do. Some may think this is “Big Brother-esque,” but ultimately it is simplifying our lives.

As cities start becoming blanketed with free or public wi-fi, our “always on” culture will become more and more dependent upon the Internet and its ever expanding advancements.

Mark, you recently posted an entry about how you had forgotten how to write. Could it be that you have forgotten how to use the Internet?

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  1. Douglas Karr said,

    I once heard Mark Cuban described as “The Accidental Billionaire”. I like the guy but every month or so he really says or does something quite dumb.

    Reading Mark’s blog is pretty entertaining sometimes, but I would honestly say that I’d never base a business decision on what he says.

    My guess is someday he’ll be a millionaire. 🙂

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