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Chief Digital Officer’s – A Whole New World

Posted in Measurable Results,Strategic Planning by Jim Brown on July 19, 2007

The increasing adoption of a new title, Chief Digital Officer, has signaled the dawn of a new day for marketing. No longer will the web be seen as ‘just another marketing channel.’ Companies will now be able to harness the full ability of interactive marketing.

It wasn’t long ago (okay, so it still happens today), when having a website and sending out a templated mass email was the extent of a company’s online campaign. A former colleague of mine coined the phrase, “make me a website clown!” (Thanks Todd) The fact is, having a website is not just a check in the box for a marketing plan. A website is more than an online brochure. A website has the opportunity to be a living, breathing, element, which can engage a user, and allow them to interact with us the way they choose. Say good-bye to one way communication.

As companies increase their knowledge of the web, they will expect more out of the money they are spending. They will expect strategic planning, effective execution, and most importantly – measurable results! Donald Trump once said, “Hope is not a strategy.” He couldn’t have been more right. It’s great to have a beautifully designed, rich media website, but what happens when visitors arrive and don’t do what you expect them to do? Or worse yet, what happens if no one ever finds your website?

Gone are the days of the tech-savvy IT guy in the corner of the office directing the vision and functionality of a website. It requires a broader understanding of all aspects of a company from sales and marketing, to operations and includes IT. It’s time to challenge the old habits of a company and bring together the entities that formerly worked in silos.

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