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Will this be Carry-out or Delivery?

Posted in Uncategorized by Jim Brown on July 2, 2007

Pizza delivery is a multi-million dollar industry. So, why is it that they are so bad at sending relevant offers and promotions to their customers? They are notorious for sending coupons and product promotions through snail mail as well as Sunday newspaper advertisements.

Let’s take a look at a few of these blunders:

  • The Mailbox – Once a safe haven for personal correspondences the traditional mailbox has become overrun with untargeted and unsolicited junk from ‘direct-mail’ marketing companies. Nearly all junk mail falls into two categories, either unread and trashed, or stacked in a pile and forgotten about.
  • The Newspaper – The percentage of a pizza companies target audience that subscribes to, purchases, and/or reads a traditional print newspaper is approaching zero.
  • Competition – Let’s assume for a second that the previous two challenges were not true. As one goes to their mailbox or opens up the Sunday newspaper, the amount of competition for ad space of pizza purchases is amazing.

What can be done?

  • Targeting – Most people have a ‘usual.’ Pizza companies should take the buying patterns and tendencies of their customers into consideration when sending promotions. (i.e. Customer A in Indianapolis, Indiana buys three medium one topping pizzas almost every Sunday at 12:30pm – Consider sending an email Saturday night or early Sunday morning with a savings promotion for that customer or even offer them an alternative to their ‘usual.’
  • Acquiring – Other than the customers who never go outside of their ‘usual,’ the internet can be a great way to acquire new customers. Chances are, when a customer wants pizza they have already thrown away the junk mail where a pizza company sent their last ad. Therefore, make those same ads available online through PPC ads, paying online for the customers who WANT to see your promotion.
  • Make it Convenient – If a customer is sent an email promotion, or clicks on a PPC ad, and WANTS to buy, they should not have to change their mode of operation. Don’t make them pick up the phone, allow them to interact in the same means they found you.

There is a huge opportunity for local pizza companies to compete with the big chains online. It is not a matter of if – but when?

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