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Find. Get. Keep. (Part 1 of 3)

Posted in SEO by Jim Brown on June 8, 2007

FINDing Prospects Online

So you have webpage. For some reason you go to Google (or Yahoo)… type in your company name and… BAM you don’t come up anywhere. Why is that? Why would you not be able to type your own name into a search engine and find your site? In August of 2005 there were 19.2 Billion (with a B) web pages indexed by Yahoo. Is there any surprise that it is more challenging than ever to be indexed by the search engines under relevant keywords?

Prospects ARE out there looking for your services, but if they can’t find them, that website you just paid $25K for is going to be pretty useless. In order to find your prospects online, you have to know (or at least try to figure out) what they are searching for. Let’s pretend you are a Professional Business Advice Consultant for example. How many people would type that phrase exactly into a search engine?

If you guessed zero – you win. Some may give up right there claiming “but that IS what I AM!” Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not about you?” It couldn’t be more true in this example. It is clearly NOT about you! There is a HUGE market for “Professional Business Advice Consultants,” but your prospects are searching for business coaching, business advice, small business consulting, starting a business, etc.

The key to being found online is to be relevant to what your prospects are searching for and then implementing a strategy to cut through the clutter known as ‘competition’ and get them to YOUR site.

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